ISO 13485 Registered

Team Experience

Members of the Stellartech team have experience in the development of a broad array of devices for many different areas of medicine.

This experience includes:

  • Treatment of cardiac arrhythmias using RF energy
  • Solid tumor ablation using RF energy
  • Arthroscopic surgery using RF energy
  • Treatment of varicose veins using RF energy
  • Neural stimulation and RF ablation for chronic pain management
  • Treatment of urinary incontinence using RF energy
  • Treatment of adhesions, following laproscopy, using RF energy
  • Treatment of BPH using RF energy
  • High frequency, capacitively coupled RF ablation
  • Solid tumor ablation using microwave energy
  • Therapeutic ultrasound, both low and high frequency
  • High voltage source control for X-ray brachytherapy
  • Permanent implants and surgical systems for opthalmology
  • Perfusion and field mapping systems for neurology
  • Infusion pumps
  • Cardiac stents
  • Angioplasty catheters
  • Urology--permanent access devices
  • Gastroenterology—permanent access devices
  • Permanent implants and short-term indwelling products for major organs of the body
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • Doppler ultrasound
  • Digital signal processing
  • RF energy multiplexing for simultaneous temperature control of multiple electrodes
  • Fluid monitoring (fluid overload/dehydration) during surgery
  • Treatment of septal defects in infants using RF energy
  • Tissue heating during magnetic resonance imaging
  • Mobile, wireless monitoring of physiologic parameters
  • Multichannel intracardiac electrogram recording systems
  • Electrogram filtering during RF cardiac ablation
  • Steerable electrophysiology catheters