ISO 13485 Registered

Software Engineering

Software is becoming increasingly important to medical devices as their complexity grows and the need to make them “smarter” increases. Stellartech engineers develop complex software to optimize the performance of your product and ensure it performs to precise clinical specifications. Our development process follows QSR design control requirements. Our software undergoes strict verification and validation.

Often we can make use of reusable source code modules which we have developed. These modules are versatile, pre-verified and proven. This strategy enables us to rapidly assemble software components into a system offering you the highest quality and speed to market.

Stellartech capabilities include:

  • Special expertise in small embedded processors for measurement and control of small instruments
  • Complex software to control large instruments with graphical user interfaces
  • Software for host computer applications
  • Embedded real-time software for personal computers and single-chip processors
  • Graphical user interfaces in multiple languages
  • Development and implementation of algorithms for signal conditioning and feedback control
  • Programmable logic design