ISO 13485 Registered

Selected Products

EPT 1000

Cardiac Ablation

Electrophysiology Ablation RF Generator with temperature control.
Uterine Ablation

Uterine Lining Ablation

Multi-electrode intrauterine balloon and RF multiplexing.
Surgical Cardiac Ablation

Surgical Cardiac Ablation

Multi-electrode, temperature-controlled RF generator for cardiac tissue ablation during surgery.
Pain Control

Pain Control

Nerve stimulator and temperature-controlled RF system for nerve location and ablation. Incorporates control for peristaltic probe cooling system.
Esophageal Ablation

Esophageal Ablation

Bipolar electrode balloon catheter coupled with generator capable of both balloon inflation and RF energy delivery.
Tissue Remodeling

Tissue Remodeling for Cosmetic Use

Cryogen and radiofrequency system for temperature-based contraction of tissue. Includes handpiece with sensor-enabled treatment tip and radiofrequency generator.