ISO 13485 Registered

Research & Development

Stellartech excels in the ability to take your product idea and your requirements and turn them into a successful clinical application. At the concept/feasibility stage of our process we explore many alternatives through bench work and experimentation. Frequently this leads to invention, and the patenting of new methods or systems. Over the years, Stellartech has generated a number of inventions for key enabling technologies that have been utilized by our customers as the result of our development partnership.

Key R&D capabilities include:

  • Creative alternative device approaches
  • Optimal product development strategies based on sound  medical, clinical and scientific principles
  • Models for bench top feasibility testing of innovative technologies
  • Sophisticated in vitro and in vivo testing of device designs
  • Modeling and theoretical analysis of device performance
  • Simulation of energy-mediated thermal and other energy effects on tissues.